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Parallax only builds custom homes, working directly for homeowners.  We do not build spec homes.  Parallax also has much experience in custom residential renovations.

Parallax is fully insured and bonded for the homeowner’s protection.  To protect the home owner we make sure that liens are procured from our suppliers and sub-contractors and funds are not intermingled between our projects.

Parallax’s 3-Tier Warranty

In order to provide the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, we have broken it down into a Three (3) Tier system.

Several of our manufacturers and suppliers offer various types of warranties– which will be clarified and explained in depth, but here is the basic 3 Tier Warranty system we offer and that sets us apart.

Tier 1:
During the first year of homeownership, the homeowner is covered by Parallax Builders one (1) year limited warranty.
Additionally, the appliance manufactures warranty applies as well.

Tier 2:
Our partnering with JM Mechanical Services enables us to offer a two (2) year mechanical systems warranty covering plumbing, electrical, heating and central air conditioning.

Tier 3:
If in the event your new home should experience any major structural defects during your first 10 years , Parallax will repair at no cost to home owner based on that no tree roots have caused foundation damage.

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