Storm Recovery Services

 Living through a destructive storm brings hardship and stress. Qualified labor and building materials will be in short supply. Don't give in to the temptation of taking shortcuts, or settling for whomever is available.

We currently have crews in Louisiana assisting clients with damage caused by Hurricane Gustav, and have already deployed team members throughout the Texas Gulf Coast to begin working on recovery from Hurricane Ike.

If you suffered property damage during one of our recent storms, Parallax Builders can be your best ally. You have enough problems without having to worry about every step of restoring or rebuilding your home or business facilities. Our estimators are trained to deal with property damaged by wind or flood. Parallax offers the following services to make the recovery process easier for the property owner:

*Insurance Consulting
*Damage Assessment
*Site Cleanup
*Hazard Remediation
*Code Compliance
*Plans and Permits

Selecting your contractor is the most important part of the storm recovery process. There are always many "contractors" who show up in the wake of a natural disaster. Many of these folks are both skilled and reputable, but there are many more who show up just to take advantage of the situation.

In the aftermath of a storm, there are always stories of shoddy workmanship, partially completed jobs, and contractors who take advance payments and never return. Don't become one of the stories. Take time to learn about prospective contractors. Questions to ask prospective contractors:

*Does your company have permanent offices?
*How long at your current location?
*How long has your company been in business?
*What types of construction does your company perform?
*Does your company have experience in storm zone construction?
*Have you or your company ever been convicted of insurance fraud?
*Will you post a performance bond?
*Do you have verifiable references?

It is very important that you verify any references offered by a potential contractor. That can be a time consuming process, but it can save you time and money in the long run. Personal references can be faked. An unethical operator can give you a list of references who are nothing more than friends who are paid to vouch for the contractor. The best references are businesses or governments for which the contractor has done significant work.

Bobby Russell, our Project Manger for storm restoration, can work with your insurance company and adjuster in handling your claim needs from start to finish.

To insure that your project goes smoothly, Parallax uses, the leading software used in the insurance industry to estimate cleanup, repair and construction, costs.

Let Parallax Builders help you through this difficult time. Whether you need turnkey reconstruction, or just supervisory assistance, Parallax Builders is your best choice for storm recovery.

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